5 Things Hiatus

The exciting news is that I am looking forward to a new job next month at The Seattle Public Library!

The bad news is that I am so busy at my current job that I cannot even think straight to compile 5 Things this week. My head is truly spinning.

Thank you for understanding, readers!

Tracy AKA Mod Librarian

5 Things Thursday: Adaptive Metadata, RDA, Fashion Archives

Here are five things for all library and information fans:

  1. What is adaptive metadata? David Diamond explains it here.
  2. Check out this ALA workshop – Introducing RDA with Chris Oliver.
  3. The heck with the red carpet. Look at this “Who Wore it Best” from the Archives of American Art.
  4. Interested in LOC’s new cataloging guidelines for pictures?
  5. Hack Library School explores the (other) digital divide – between tech savvy librarians and IT.

5 Things Thursday: EAD, Netflix, DAM, Cataloging

Here are five more things to intrigue and delight:

  1. How does Netflix create movie micro-genres? Reminds me of the video store I used to frequent with the category “Swords and Sandals.”
  2. David Ginsberg, who works on DAM for Warner Bros. and  other, shared his expertise like this perfect statement, “Just buying a DAM will not solve your asset management challenges – you also need to get your organization to use it!”
  3. What is speculative cataloging? And, can you imagine a librarian in 1870 facing challenges similar to those being faced today? Read more here.
  4. NISO releases draft of “Open Access and Metadata Indicators Recommended Practice.”
  5. Attend this webinar today! Beyond EAD: Tools for Creating and Editing EAC-CPF Records and ‘Remixing’ Archival Metadata” on 9 January from 1:00-2:30 p.m. EST

5 Things Thursday: KM, DAM, Video Games

Happy 2014. Here are five things to start the year off right.

  1. What is Knowledge Management? This article explains it all including the stages of development and cultural adoption within organizations.
  2. Happy new year from the American Archive of Public Broadcasting.
  3. Check out this DAM Guru Talk with Julie Shean of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  4. A very astute post on linked data and catalog records. Findability, anyone?
  5. Download some classic video games from the Internet Archive’s Console Living Room.