5 Things Thursday: Cool Libraries, Dublin Core, Bookbinding

Here are more than five things to keep you informed this week:

  1. My library, the Central location of The Seattle Public Library made it onto two lists recently – American Public Libraries Great and Small from The New Yorker and Stunning Libraries from Around the World from The Guardian. It really is spectacular.
  2. This Dublin Core Cheatsheet from the Automist could prove helpful in this data dictionary streamlining project I am working on or for some of your projects.
  3. Check out the South Dakota Digital Archives. Looks like they use a combination of subject terms ranging from LCSH to broader terms to enable greater flexibility in user search.
  4. This upcoming title looks amazing – Rare Books and Special Collections by Sidney E. Berger. I will hope to get it on Interlibrary Loan if my library doesn’t purchase it because the price is a little steep.
  5. The Seattle Public Library has a marvelous Pinterest page which includes staff favorites and historical photos amongst other gems.


BONUS: Are you aware of the American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride, Colorado? It is prestigious and looks essential for anyone working with rare materials.


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