5 Things Thursday: DAM, Special Collections, Primary Sources

Five things straight from my iPhone. Forgive typos please!

1. Is digital asset management a perfect career path for librarians? I think so and INALJ agrees.

2. Are MLIS programs teaching students how to catalog a variety of formats and materials? Nope.

3. ALA presents comprehensive study on special collections.

4. Do projects requiring students to use primary sources drive them to libraries, special collections and archives?

5. What are librarians reading? I’m reading Euphoria by Lily King…


5 Things Thursday: Rare Books, Maps, Digital Collections

This is my 500th post for Mod Librarian! Celebrate and check out these 5 things:

  1. Two books on map cataloging by Paige Andrew of Penn State University Libraries – one on RDA and maps, the other basics of sheet maps.
  2. Here is an interesting interview with Digital Archivist at UCLA Gloria Gonzalez.
  3. I’ve been thinking a bit about DCRM. What is it best used for? How can it be incorporated or mixed with standard public library standards like AACR2 and RDA?
  4. This is a funny set of posts with some real insights into the shortcomings of MARC, XML, RDA and other bright ideas for the library world.
  5. Oh to be a fly on the wall at this conference – New Spaces for Old Books.

BONUS ROUND: Our department is considering implementing some level of custom classification to our specialized collection focused on local history. Here are some examples I have found of libraries doing just that (or having done that in the past. Please share your experiences if you know of more or especially systems for a particular topic (like history and genealogy).