5 Things Thursday: DAM; Adjusting; Cataloging

Here are five things for this week:

  1. I found a great article about adjusting to a new library workplace by Joanne Oud. While this examines only academic librarians, I’d say the topics apply to any type of library including things like actual job differing from job description.
  2. Are catalogers sometimes like art history detectives? I think so…
  3. Five steps for company wide DAM adoption. Especially important are the “cheerleaders,” although I prefer to think of them as DAM evangelists…
  4. Two digital public libraries and collaborative metadata ingestion sounds dangerous, but this in depth article identifies kinks in the DPLA system.
  5. Cataloging the universe of visual materials XML extras for those not attending SAA (like me).

BONUS ROUND: Should women wear trousers? Special collections feature.


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