5 Things Thursday: Automated Image Description, DAM, W3C, Webinar, Netflix, Picturepark

Here are 5 more things and happy Thanksgiving U.S. readers!

  1. Why automated image description technology still needs people (like me).
  2. How Netflix collected the most comprehensive movie/media information known to man.
  3. Who is W3C and how do they rule the web?
  4. What are reasonable expectations for a digital asset management system? Hint: it won’t jump out of the computer and enforce copyright…
  5. Henry Stewart webinar December 3rd – Unlocking the Value of Enterprise Digital Assets.

Special Edition: Taxonomy Bootcamp

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at Taxonomy Bootcamp…

The next best thing is a link to all the fabulous and thought-provoking presentations. Here you are with some highlights:

  • Taxonomy Fundamentals Workshop with John Horodyski
  • Talking About Taxonomies with Gary Carlson
  • Taxonomy and Search with Mindy Carner
  • Taxonomies in the Arts with David Clarke