5 Things Thursday: DAM, Ontologies, IA

Here are five things:

  1. What’s holding DAM back? DAMNews three part special feature.
  2. What the heck’s Information Architecture?
  3. DAM – from photo library to enterprise system.
  4. Building a historical search engine is no easy thing.
  5. Awesome presentation from WorldIA Day Seattle from Andy Fitzgerald – Desiring Ecologies.

5 Things Thursday: DAMNY, Hulton Archive, Linked Data

Here are five more exciting things:

  1. Agenda announced for DAMNY. Super early bird discount ends tomorrow!
  2. Really cool video about the photos in the Hulton Archive. See a real card catalog and learn about wacky research requests.
  3. And the Hulton Archive landing page on Getty Images.
  4. Trying to understand Linked Data like I am? These tutorials are helpful.
  5. What is an ontology versus a controlled vocabulary?