5 Things Thursday: Accidental Taxonomist, Controlled Vocabulary, and DAM

Here are five more intriguing things: A new post from Heather Hedden who gave a rousing taxonomy talk in Seattle this week - Trends in Hierarchical Taxonomy Displays. Don't lose assets in your digital asset management system. An oldie, but goodie from Boxes and Arrows on creating a controlled vocabulary. Things to consider when migrating… Continue reading 5 Things Thursday: Accidental Taxonomist, Controlled Vocabulary, and DAM


5 Things Thursday: DAM Salaries, Adobe Lightroom, Best Library

Here are five more things: Insightful post regarding DAM salaries and librarians by Lisa Grimm. Implementing a controlled vocabulary in Adobe Lightroom. Awesome Henry Stewart DAM sessions recorded here. What about the world's best public library from a design perspective? Another DAM Podcast with advertising DAM guru Jamie Litchfield.

5 Things Thursday: DAM, Getty Images, Kickstarter

Here are five things for spring: Another DAM Podcast with Dave Ginsberg of the Sundance Institute. Working with librarians on humanizing search. Check out Wonder, the search guided by librarians. Fascinating infographic on 20 years of Getty Images. A Kickstarter campaign fueled the Recirculated library podcast. DAM is a service oriented profession.