More Than 5 Things Thursday: DAM Ready Reference

This week the fantastic Librarian Tips for DAM Managers series wraps up with this most useful article by Deb Fanslow. The DAM Ready Reference piece showcases many resources suitable for bookmarking. From general DAM articles, to metadata, taxonomy, UX, and digital preservation to open access publications and LIS organizations, this is a top notch one stop shop for information.


5 Things Thursday: DAM Best Practices, Interoperability, L.A. Menu Collection

Here are five summer things:

  1. Adam Hess writes about best practices for DAM in this week’s installment of the Librarian Tips for DAM Managers series.
  2. On display at the Los Angeles Public Library – an amazing menu collection.
  3. Why are interoperability standards crucial to the evolution of digital asset management?
  4. DAM positions are going unfilled – find out the reasons from Elizabeth Keathley.
  5. Here are a bunch of links on digital asset management topics.

5 Things Thursday: DAM, Linked Data, Taxonomy and More

Here are five things and more:

  1. Check out this week’s great article by Collin Rickman on Leveraging In-House Expertise from the marvelous Librarian Tips for DAM Managers series.
  2. Testing Taxonomies: Beyond Card Sorting – thanks for tweeting this @gc_taxonomy!
  3. From DAMNews – Interoperability Standards and the Future of DAM.
  4. Another DAM Podcast interview with Brooke Holt from SeaWorld.
  5. From DCMI webinars –Implementing Linked Data in Low-Resource Conditions.

BONUS: The surprising danger of being good at your job…

5 Things Thursday: Autotagging, DAM, IA Summit

Here are five things:

  1. Two interesting articles on image content recognition and automated metadata generation. Summary: we are not there yet…people are still needed!
  2. Nice recap of the IA Summit.
  3. Cool archival processing videos from BYU special collections.
  4. DAM Guru Talk with Spencer Harris.
  5. Another great installment of Librarian Tips for DAM ManagersUser Adoption and Training by Margie Foster.