5 Things Thursday: Graph Databases, Google, DAM and Mobile DAM

Here are five more things:

  1. Why graph databases are the future.
  2. Demystifying the Google Knowledge Graph.
  3. Digital Asset Management (DAM) Fact Sheet.
  4. Like the idea of mobile DAM? So does Canto (and others)…
  5. Another DAM Podcast interview with Fred Robertson from Bose.

5 Things Thursday: DAM Workflow, Beautiful Libraries, Radical Posters

Here are five more things for you:

  1. “Workflow. It’s like a buzzword without any buzz.” – from Jim Kidwell’s article Digital Asset Management Workflow: The Unsung Hero of DAM.
  2. Check out this archive of posters documenting radical history from the University of Michigan Library.
  3. Another list of the world’s most beautiful libraries and The Seattle Public Library’s Central Library is on there again.
  4. Is DAM GLAM? Wendy Ackland thinks that digital asset management is very important for galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMS) and I heartily agree!
  5. Finally, classic Argentine films were found at UCLA.

5 Things Thursday: Webinars, Taxonomy, Ontology, SEO

Here are five more refreshing things:

  1. Did you know there is a Taxonomy Division of SLA? Here is a link to webinar information.
  2. Speaking of webinars, here are two more upcoming DAM webinars from Henry Stewart.
  3. This is an excellent slide presentation by Dawn Anderson on Ontology and SEO with a fab resource list at the end.
  4. Amazing collection of library workflows – where was the spreadsheets to EAD hack when I needed it last year?
  5. Is computer eyesight really getting a lot more accurate for image tagging? For some things, maybe…

5 Things Thursday: Cybrarians, DAM, Special Collections

Here are five more things to amaze and delight:

  1. What is a Cybrarian?
  2. From Ralph Windsor – Understanding the Key Themes of Successful DAM Initiatives.
  3. A graphic explanation of digital asset management concepts.
  4. Great presentation on big metadata by Allison Jai O’Dell.
  5. Cool zine finding aids from Duke University archives.