Happy Halloween from the Mod Librarian!

With a little help from the NYPL vintage postcard collection – this is creepy!



5 Things Thursday: Titan Graph Database, DAM, Taxonomy and Cats

Here are five exciting things:

  1. Clear and interesting article on “Building a Graph Database on AWS Using Amazon DynamoDB and Titan.”
  2. Some awesome cats in “Beckett, Books and Biscuits: University of Reading Special Collections.”
  3. An Introduction to Bloom’s Taxonomy for Instructional Designers
  4. Another DAM Podcast interview with Nila Bernstengel on Digital Asset Management
  5. And did I mention my DAM Champ article?

Special Edition: InfoCamp Seattle

Well, I am sad to have missed InfoCamp Seattle held Saturday, October 17th. I was on an ill-timed vacation.

To try to recreate the experience, I searched Twitter for information and here is what I have uncovered. Send more if you have notes or slides or anything at all, please! The session schedule looked fantastic too, with subjects ranging from the SPL Rebrand to UX to Documentation.

  • Jenn Parent put together this lovely Storify for InfoCampSEA.
  • Slides from the presentation on Tor, the privacy application.
  • Laura Horan’s notes about Zoe Wilkinson Saldana’s talk on Designing Online Places for (Trans) Survival.
  • Best quote in the Twitterverse from Andrew Morton:

    “I’m more like an Information Jeweler than Information Architect.”

  • More information on the SPL Rebrand

Looking forward to next year!

5 Things Thursday: Taxonomy, DAM and Special Collections

While I am on a beach in Santa Cruz, you can read about these five things:

  1. Another DAM Podcast talks to Julia Thompson from UNICEF.
  2. Building the business case for taxonomy.
  3. What is the role of taxonomy in web experience?
  4. Do you need people to run a DAM system?
  5. Some tips for marketing your special collections online.

And, even though I am on vacation, can I mention how sorry I am to be missing InfoCamp Seattle? I will try to catch up and prepare a special edition of Mod next week to capture the highlights.