Happy Thanksgiving!

From Mod Librarian and NYPL digital collections. A postcard from 1908 – when turkeys attack…




5 Things Thursday: Search-Based Architecture, Taxonomy Bootcamp, Carl Sagan

Here are five more things:

  1. Getting a crash course in organizing information at Taxonomy Boot Camp.
  2. Another DAM Podcast talks to Frank DeCarlo about pre-media.
  3. What is search-based architecture?
  4. The Carl Sagan collection.
  5. Should libraries think more like entrepreneurs?

BONUS: Use cases for graph databases.

5 Things Thursday: DAM, Taxonomy, Cultural Fit

Here are five things:

  1. Another DAM Podcast interview with Jade Jourdan of Edwards Lifesciences.
  2. The taxonomy behind The Toast.
  3. A long and informative read on the sustainability of digitized special collections.
  4. Why your next big database decision may be a graph.
  5. Lots of buzz about the importance of cultural fit in hiring.