Happy Thanksgiving!

From Mod Librarian and NYPL digital collections. A postcard from 1908 - when turkeys attack...  


5 Things Wednesday: Margie Foster on DAM Users, Structured Content, Metadata

Here are five things: Another DAM Podcast talks to Margie Foster. More from Margie Foster on User Adoption. OpenCypher and graph databases. Introducing internet era students to rare books. Why is structured content like your closet? Happy Thanksgiving!

5 Things Thursday: Search-Based Architecture, Taxonomy Bootcamp, Carl Sagan

Here are five more things: Getting a crash course in organizing information at Taxonomy Boot Camp. Another DAM Podcast talks to Frank DeCarlo about pre-media. What is search-based architecture? The Carl Sagan collection. Should libraries think more like entrepreneurs? BONUS: Use cases for graph databases.

5 Things Thursday: DAM, Taxonomy, Cultural Fit

Here are five things: Another DAM Podcast interview with Jade Jourdan of Edwards Lifesciences. The taxonomy behind The Toast. A long and informative read on the sustainability of digitized special collections. Why your next big database decision may be a graph. Lots of buzz about the importance of cultural fit in hiring.