5 Things Thursday Plus: DAM, Card Sorting, Content and More

Here are five things plus:

  1. Really sound advice in Another DAM Podcast’s interview with Bryan Cohen from Pfizer.
  2. How to conduct a card sorting study from Designmodo and Smashing Magazine.
  3. The graph database and the RDF database from Inside Analysis.
  4. Is searching the answer?
  5. The New York Public Library’s deep digital dive.

BONUS: From the amazing Seattle Meetup event “The Power of Process: How UX Teams Can Cover Content Strategy, with Misty Weaver,” here are some additional content strategy links:

5 Things Thursday: DAM, UX, Snow in Vegas, Graph Databases for Humanities

Happy new year! Here are five things:

  1. Insights on DAM customer service from none other than John Horodyski.
  2. Are you moving assets in to a digital asset management system? Check out this great advice from Laurel Norris.
  3. UX trends for 2016 predicts that content strategy is the new information architecture.
  4. Interesting interview with Suellen Stringer-Hye, the Linked Data and Semantic Web Coordinator at Vanderbilt University libraries regarding Neo4j for digital humanities.
  5. From the UNLV archives, photos chronicle snow in Las Vegas.