10 Things on the 20th: Faceted Search, Taxonomy and Awful Library Books

Hello friends,

Apologies for missing 10 Things on the 10th due to my change of address earlier this month. Here are those belated 10 things:

  1. Enjoy these awful library books.
  2. Another DAM Podcast interview with Keith Bloomfield-DeWeese.
  3. Dilbert sends a digital file.
  4. PLOS and linked data – what happened?
  5. All you need to know about digital asset management.
  6. Taxonomy design for CMS.
  7. Measuring the success of your content.
  8. What is faceted search?
  9. Protege open source ontology manager.
  10. John Locke project metadata.

No 10 Things! What???


I will not be able to compile and publish 10 things on the 10th today as I am very busy moving to a new home.

Never fear, I just picked up my new library card and will strive to post 20 things on the 20th this month.

Please feel free to forward any interesting links by the 18th for inclusion.

Thanks for understanding.