10 Things on the 10th June Edition: Taxonomy, Monty Python, Lisa Grimm

Hello! Here are 10 information-related things to read while enjoying this pre-summer season:

  1. From John Horodyski, how taxonomy can help sort apples, oranges, and tofu.
  2. Another DAM Podcast interview with the fantastic Lisa Grimm.
  3. Some amazing Library of Congress online exhibits including a scrapbook about women’s rights.
  4. Transitioning from XML to RDF is a nice academic paper on considerations for linked data and the semantic web.
  5. Why asset identifiers are really, super important for interoperability.
  6. Digital asset management and the classification conundrum.
  7. Since I am in Edtech now, here are some Bloom’s Taxonomy resources.
  8. Genres, metadata, controlled vocabulary and Shakespeare?
  9. 50 fictional women to obsess over.
  10. The unknown hero that saved Monty Python from being erased.


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