10 Things on the 10th November: DAM, Bourbon, Controlled Vocabulary and Old Books

Here are some refreshing and non-political musings on librarian stuff:

  1. Bourbon Whiskey, Controlled Vocabularies, and Library of Congress Subject Headings
  2. Google Testing New Schema Markup for ‘Science Datasets
  3. Taxonomy and Terminology: The Crossroad of Controlled Vocabulary
  4. Digital imagery reveals secrets of 800-year-old ‘royal’ book
  5. From the folks at Factor: Implementing Taxonomies and IA, Ensuring Success
  6. From Hack Library School: Digital, Digital, Digital: Content & Collections
  7. The Digital Transition: How the Presidential Transition Works in the Social Media Age
  8. Another DAM Podcast interview with Stacey McKeever from Team One on Digital Asset Management
  9. Counting Content: Using Numbers to Turn Research Into Content Strategy
  10. From the Getty: Metadata Specialists Share Their Challenges, Defeats, and Triumphs