10 Things on the 10th January: DAM, IA, Royal Books, Film and More…

Happy new year, or should I just say new year? Here are ten things:

  1. Interpreting citation patterns with a graph database from neo4j.
  2. Another DAM Podcast interview with Julia Kim from the American Folklife Center.
  3. Can librarians help solve the fake news problem?
  4. Universal Studios’ digital restoration of King of Jazz (1930).
  5. A librarian in Florida went rogue to save 2,361 books from an algorithm.
  6. Overlooked books of 2016.
  7. The IA Summit has an interesting line-up, including Gary Carlson on taxonomy.
  8. Need a  multilingual agricultural thesaurus? Try AGROVOC.
  9. How to model customer surveys in a graph database.
  10. What is metadata and why is it as important as the data itself?

See you in February, provided the world is still here!