10 Things on the 10th: Request for Help


This time around, I have ten questions for the Information community related to some projects I am involved in:

  1. What is the biggest difference between creating a thesaurus with ANSI/NISO or with ISO?
  2. Can you convert a thesaurus created using and ANSI/NISO inspired governance document to comply with ISO standards?
  3. What is the best resource for the foundation of a vocabulary that deals with all things and subjects? Is it LCSH?
  4. Has anyone mined DBPedia terms and scope notes for their ontology? How?  Why?
  5. How do you avoid near duplication in longer text-based metadata (like Dublin Core descriptions, for instance)?
  6. How do you account for stemming and misspellings if the system you are using will not? Are these all NPT’s (non preferred terms).
  7. For all of the above, are there any tips for automating processes or is this all very manual?
  8. Once a thesaurus structure is in place, at what point should it be integrated with the CMS to enhance search and tagging?
  9. What is the best way to “show” users relationships between concepts and content?
  10. Should all users have the ability to create metadata or just to apply metadata?

Thanks for reading this. This is an interactive post and I would welcome any and all comments, advice or examples. Please comment right on the post and I will moderate, curate and share!

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