10 Things on the 10th May: Taxonomy, Brooklyn, Canadians…

Hello! Mod Librarian returns from hiatus. I will be writing from the Big Apple starting next month and I truly appreciate the time off from this blog to get my affairs in order for the relocation. Onwards…

  1. Nice article on the meaning of taxonomy from a UX perspective.
  2. Do you need an authority for specifically Canadian subject headings, eh?
  3. Want to find the best open source graph database projects or solutions?
  4. I can’t wait to explore the Brooklyn Collection in person.
  5. An interview with Dan Piro of the National Hockey League on Another DAM Podcast.
  6. I am very interested in structured content because of its flexibility. And, because I now work on it every day in my current gig.
  7. Summer is approaching – perhaps time for a visit to the Coney Island Collection.
  8. Very thorough DAM reading list from Tim Strehle.
  9. How to measure DAM success. Any article that quotes John Horodyski is a keeper…
  10. The preservation of glass plate negatives.

Coming up next month: I will be writing this from my new home in Brooklyn. East coasters – I hope to finally get a chance to meet many of you in person.

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