10 Things on the 10th June: NLP, Data, Subject Analysis, and Cool Archives

Here are ten things for June:

  1. This sounds like a really amazing day for anyone in Seattle interested in the power of natural language processing.
  2. Can you use deep learning if your data is not that big?
  3. A slightly whimsical, but informative piece on the how to of library subject analysis.
  4. Did you know you can search the LibGuides at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to uncover gem collections like Scrapbooks on the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart or Revolution…Grrrl Style.
  5. How to create your own controlled vocabulary for your Digital Asset Management system or for anything, really…
  6. Decentralized Evolution and Consolidation of RDF Graphs.
  7. Museum Community Letter to Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software Vendors.
  8. Ultimate beach reading list from Harper’s Bazaar.
  9. ASMP Rights Management presentation by Henrik de Gyor.
  10. Do you need a DAM?

BONUS: Free Primary Sources and the Magic of Metadata Harvesters

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