10 Things on the 10th July: Wax Cylinder Archive, DAM, Hipster Coffee Shops, Metadata

Here are ten things for our summer reading club:

  1. Check out the UCSB library of wax cylinder recordings.
  2. The incomparable Ralph Windsor on DAM and interoperability.
  3. A taxonomy of hipster coffee shop names.
  4. Many of the tips in this article by Emily Quan on improving DAM user adoption apply to any enterprise-level content system.
  5. This explanation of the DATS data tag set is useful for anyone trying to establish a data model.
  6. Grafter bills itself as industrial-strength linked data and RDF manufacturing.
  7. From the 2017 IA Summit: Bram Wessel “Was Nate Silver Wrong?
  8. For a belated Independence Day offering, here is an interesting piece by NYPL archives.
  9. How taxonomy improves search at the Huffington Post.
  10. Finally, do you really need a graph database?


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