10 Things on the 10th September: NY DAM, Subject Headings, Taxonomies, DBpedia

Here are 10 things to end the summer:

  1. Listen to the audio recording of the NYC DAM Meetup on AI and Automation.
  2. Using MeSH (Medical) subject headings in cataloging.
  3. Sign up for the Digital Asset Management Business Ontology Community Group.
  4. How to use DBpedia: a linked data case study about movies.
  5. Another great overview of taxonomies and why we love them.
  6. A beginner’s guide to natural language processing (NLP).
  7. Keywording Now by Henrik de Gyor available on Kindle.
  8. Ten books on machine learning.
  9. Why data partners should link their vocabulary to Wikidata.
  10. From Duke University Libraries, Squirlicorn, spirit guide of the digital repository.

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