10 Things on the 10th November: Blockchains, Knowledge Management, Automation, Fashion Data, DAM!

Here are ten more things:

  1. What are blockchains?
  2. Here is a comprehensive knowledge management knowledge bank.
  3. What is the true importance of metadata?
  4. Recording of the NJ DAM meetup about metadata automation.
  5. The niftiest data visualization for the MOMA exhibit Is Fashion Modern?
  6. I’m thrilled to be a panelist at the upcoming Digital Assets & Content Leadership Exchange where I’ll be discussing how to prepare for the evolution of DAM.
  7. Currently enamored with information design – here is a course on Coursera.
  8. Want to read about the librarians at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
  9. Another DAM Podcast with Jonathan Phillips of Starwood.
  10. Cataloging and the future of MARC.

BONUS: Hot off the virtual presses – Metadata Matters by John Horodyski

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