10 Things on the 10th February: Governance, Valentines, DAM, Metadata

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some sweet information science topics to pine over:

  1. Is governance no longer optional? John Horodyski takes a stand.
  2. The NYPL Digital Collection’s holiday postcards, Valentine’s Day edition.
  3. Another DAM Podcast with that DAM famous Deb Fanslow!
  4. Can being a librarian make you a better writer?
  5. Data analysis saves lives, specifically by leveraging ontologies and controlled vocabulary.
  6. Want to be a Metadata Librarian at the Library of Congress?
  7. Metaware is a great blog about the ever changing world of metadata standards.
  8. Read about DAM champ Jeff Beaulieu.
  9. The schedule is out for the IA Summit.
  10. Why you should use a graph database.

HOT OFF THE PRESSES: Getty Images and Google Licensing Partnership!

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