10 Things on the 10th March: Taxonomies, Stock Photos, Machine Learning, DAM!

Here are ten things for Spring:

  1. Heather Hedden on Taxonomies for Filtering and Sorting.
  2. Data, Search and the Foundation for Machine Learning by John Horodyski.
  3. 500px acquired by Chinese stock photography giant VCG.
  4. Another DAM Podcast interview with Natalie Daller of the Pampered Chef.
  5. Here is a useful looking tool for viewing IPTC metadata on photos.
  6. Check out this Dataversity webinar on metadata governance.
  7. In honor of the exhibit David Bowie Is at the Brooklyn Museum, join the Bowie Book Club.
  8. The digital workplace and remote work.
  9. Check out these newly updated resource links on Controlled Vocabulary.
  10. A new course on information science engineering includes machine learning and linked data.

BONUS: I just discovered the FADEL Rights Cloud Community which is an easy way to track rights and licensing that integrates seamlessly with all these DAMs.

EXTRA BONUS: Intriguing article in Nature on linguistic meaning, imaging, and NLP.

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