10 Things on the 10th April: Search, Taxonomy, Folksonomy, YouTube and Colors

Here are ten more things:

  1. In the Age of Search, here’s why a taxonomy, thesaurus, or controlled vocabulary still helps.
  2. What do colors mean around the world? This could affect your photo metadata.
  3. YouTube is not a library.
  4. Andrew Weaver on using Archivematica with ContentDM.
  5. From the steadfast John Horodyski, data is a big deal, so treat it that way!
  6. Some conferences: Henry Stewart DAM NY and the IPTC Photo Metadata Conference.
  7. DAM and social media.
  8. Is scholarly context adrift? Do URIs lead to changed content?
  9. Anyone need a transportation thesaurus?
  10. Lots and lots of notes from spydergrrl from the IA Summit 2018. Be a fly on the wall…

BONUS: Garbage in, garbage out: machine learning stymied by bad data.

DOUBLE BONUS: Do you lump or split your taxonomy?


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