10 Things on the 10th December: Clean Terminology, DAM, Stripping Metadata, Time

Here are ten things for the holiday season:

  1. Why terminology is like laundry.
  2. Digital asset management for museums.
  3. How to market the #*&! out of your digital asset management initiative.
  4. Open access data from the Metropolitan Museum of Art – nice post by my former colleague, Michael Barkin.
  5. To strip or not to strip – metadata, that is!
  6. Data modeling for graph databases.
  7. Listen to Dan Rosenberg discuss Digital Asset Management at Time Inc.
  8. Taxonomy as a superpower.
  9. A Project Gutenberg database for text mining.
  10. ConceptNet – an open, multilingual, knowledge graph.

10 Things on the 10th November: Blockchains, Knowledge Management, Automation, Fashion Data, DAM!

Here are ten more things:

  1. What are blockchains?
  2. Here is a comprehensive knowledge management knowledge bank.
  3. What is the true importance of metadata?
  4. Recording of the NJ DAM meetup about metadata automation.
  5. The niftiest data visualization for the MOMA exhibit Is Fashion Modern?
  6. I’m thrilled to be a panelist at the upcoming Digital Assets & Content Leadership Exchange where I’ll be discussing how to prepare for the evolution of DAM.
  7. Currently enamored with information design – here is a course on Coursera.
  8. Want to read about the librarians at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
  9. Another DAM Podcast with Jonathan Phillips of Starwood.
  10. Cataloging and the future of MARC.

BONUS: Hot off the virtual presses – Metadata Matters by John Horodyski

10 Things on the 10th October: DAM Expectations, Linked Data, Vocabulary, Katherine Hepburn

Here are ten things to kick off autumn, pumpkins:

  1. Deb Fanslow on Closing the DAM Expectation Gap.
  2. Another DAM Podcast talks to Mark Leslie from Adidas.
  3. Simplifying photo metadata.
  4. NYPL has a Katherine Hepburn collection.
  5. Edward Gorey’s Cabinet of Curiosities.
  6. More on photo organizing – the genealogical proof standard.
  7. This thesis by Espen Albert contains great information on accessing linked data.
  8. How will AI change search engines?
  9. One knowledge graph to rule them all.
  10. A nice little review of FRBR.

10 Things on the 10th September: NY DAM, Subject Headings, Taxonomies, DBpedia

Here are 10 things to end the summer:

  1. Listen to the audio recording of the NYC DAM Meetup on AI and Automation.
  2. Using MeSH (Medical) subject headings in cataloging.
  3. Sign up for the Digital Asset Management Business Ontology Community Group.
  4. How to use DBpedia: a linked data case study about movies.
  5. Another great overview of taxonomies and why we love them.
  6. A beginner’s guide to natural language processing (NLP).
  7. Keywording Now by Henrik de Gyor available on Kindle.
  8. Ten books on machine learning.
  9. Why data partners should link their vocabulary to Wikidata.
  10. From Duke University Libraries, Squirlicorn, spirit guide of the digital repository.

10 Things on the 10th August: 3D Digitization, Wikidata, DAM, Automated Metadata…

Here are ten library and information-related things:

  1. 3D digitization at the Smithsonian – automation, metadata, and more.
  2. Why data partners should link to Wikidata.
  3. Know your DAM requirements.
  4. Tagging tech interview with Emily Kolvitz.
  5. Keywording alternatives for photography.
  6. Assessing the quality of automated metadata.
  7. How to put an effective metadata strategy in place.
  8. Why connected data is a game changer for financial services.
  9. National Archives universal electronic records management requirements.
  10. Conserving Darwin’s library.