10 Things on the 10th August: Cat Librarians, Archives, Taxonomy

Here are ten stupendous things to consider:

  1. Check out this review of David Diamond’s Metadata for Content Management. I am not all the way through the book yet, but the section describing the concepts of metadata, taxonomy, and controlled vocabulary is simple and elegant.
  2. How does Comedy Central use digital asset management to find the funny.
  3. Autotagging is one way to streamline digital asset management.
  4. Well formed metadata and library discovery.
  5. Nice post on the basics of taxonomy by my former classmate Theresa Putkey.
  6. From SAA, Archival Outlook for July and August has a good article on linked data and more.
  7. Photos from the world’s oldest operating photo studio.
  8. Bookshelves to big data at the New School.
  9. A primer on digital asset management from CCO magazine.
  10. Cat librarians.

10 Things on the 10th July Edition: DAM, Taxonomy, and Oh Metadata!

Here are ten things to consider along with your beach reading:

  1. How an archive of the Internet could change history.
  2. Another DAM Podcast interview with Liana Cave of KFC.
  3. Sharing content ownership in large organizations.
  4. A musical number about metadata in video form.
  5. Catalog librarians, reference librarians and cross training.
  6. Principles of Linked Data.
  7. The American Society for Indexing on Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabulary.
  8. Energize your DAM skills as an intrapreneur.
  9. Bringing special collections into today.
  10. UCLA Archive launches Kirk Douglas celebration.

10 Things on the 10th June Edition: Taxonomy, Monty Python, Lisa Grimm

Hello! Here are 10 information-related things to read while enjoying this pre-summer season:

  1. From John Horodyski, how taxonomy can help sort apples, oranges, and tofu.
  2. Another DAM Podcast interview with the fantastic Lisa Grimm.
  3. Some amazing Library of Congress online exhibits including a scrapbook about women’s rights.
  4. Transitioning from XML to RDF is a nice academic paper on considerations for linked data and the semantic web.
  5. Why asset identifiers are really, super important for interoperability.
  6. Digital asset management and the classification conundrum.
  7. Since I am in Edtech now, here are some Bloom’s Taxonomy resources.
  8. Genres, metadata, controlled vocabulary and Shakespeare?
  9. 50 fictional women to obsess over.
  10. The unknown hero that saved Monty Python from being erased.


10 Things on the 20th: Faceted Search, Taxonomy and Awful Library Books

Hello friends,

Apologies for missing 10 Things on the 10th due to my change of address earlier this month. Here are those belated 10 things:

  1. Enjoy these awful library books.
  2. Another DAM Podcast interview with Keith Bloomfield-DeWeese.
  3. Dilbert sends a digital file.
  4. PLOS and linked data – what happened?
  5. All you need to know about digital asset management.
  6. Taxonomy design for CMS.
  7. Measuring the success of your content.
  8. What is faceted search?
  9. Protege open source ontology manager.
  10. John Locke project metadata.

No 10 Things! What???


I will not be able to compile and publish 10 things on the 10th today as I am very busy moving to a new home.

Never fear, I just picked up my new library card and will strive to post 20 things on the 20th this month.

Please feel free to forward any interesting links by the 18th for inclusion.

Thanks for understanding.



10 Things on the 10th: April Edition

Hello, friends. Here are ten things:

  1. Check out this amazing new online collection from The Seattle Public Library – the George Gulacsik Space Needle Photograph Collection.
  2. Another DAM Podcast interview with Felix Cisneros who has worked at amazing places like Paramount, Sony and AMC.
  3. And, just where is that metadata coming from?
  4. Here is a formidable business case for metadata.
  5. Six myths about data driven design.
  6. The taxonomy of candy.
  7. Bloom’s Taxonomy for instructional designers.
  8. Heavy Metal Parking Lot and special collections.
  9. Help Utah State University learn about your cataloging and metadata department.
  10. How to recognize the difference between taxonomy and metadata and zombies.