5 Things Thursday: Controlled Vocabulary, DAM, Edward S. Curtis

Here are five more amazing things: Want to know how to create a controlled vocabulary? Why your digital asset management system needs a manager. The Scottish Screen Archive. Beware the Applebot. Check out this lovely Edward S. Curtis digital collection at The Seattle Public Library with some unique letters, photos and more.


5 Things Thursday: DAM, SPL Book Sorting, Digital Video

Here are five amazing things to knock your socks off this week: Did you ever see an RFID book sorting system in action? Here is the one used at the Central location of The Seattle Public Library as well as some stats and information. Ian Matzen compiled some information on describing digital video which is… Continue reading 5 Things Thursday: DAM, SPL Book Sorting, Digital Video

5 Things Thursday: Mod Librarian Reader Survey and More!

Here are five things to do and discuss: Please help me out by taking the extremely brief yet insightful Mod Librarian Reader Survey. What is an SMMI tool and do you need them for social media analytics? Check out Ray K. Metzger at the Museum of Co...