5 Things Thursday: Cybrarians, DAM, Special Collections

Here are five more things to amaze and delight: What is a Cybrarian? From Ralph Windsor - Understanding the Key Themes of Successful DAM Initiatives. A graphic explanation of digital asset management concepts. Great presentation on big metadata by Allison Jai O'Dell. Cool zine finding aids from Duke University archives.


5 Things Thursday: DAM; Adjusting; Cataloging

Here are five things for this week:I found a great article about adjusting to a new library workplace by Joanne Oud. While this examines only academic librarians, I'd say the topics apply to any type of library including things like actual job differing from job description.Are catalogers sometimes like art history detectives? I think so...Five steps for… Continue reading 5 Things Thursday: DAM; Adjusting; Cataloging