5 Things Thursday: DAM Salaries, Adobe Lightroom, Best Library

Here are five more things: Insightful post regarding DAM salaries and librarians by Lisa Grimm. Implementing a controlled vocabulary in Adobe Lightroom. Awesome Henry Stewart DAM sessions recorded here. What about the world's best public library from a design perspective? Another DAM Podcast with advertising DAM guru Jamie Litchfield.


5 Things Thursday: DPI, DAM, ISBN API, LR

I thought I would hook everyone with acronyms in the headline... Here are more than 5 things to think about in the sunshine. Great article on The Signal regarding resolution for digital preservation. Features a discussion between David Riecks and Barry Wheeler. Who wouldn't like an infographic on Digital Asset Management? Comparing ISBN API's from… Continue reading 5 Things Thursday: DPI, DAM, ISBN API, LR