5 Things Thursday Plus: DAM, Card Sorting, Content and More

Here are five things plus:

  1. Really sound advice in Another DAM Podcast’s interview with Bryan Cohen from Pfizer.
  2. How to conduct a card sorting study from Designmodo and Smashing Magazine.
  3. The graph database and the RDF database from Inside Analysis.
  4. Is searching the answer?
  5. The New York Public Library’s deep digital dive.

BONUS: From the amazing Seattle Meetup event “The Power of Process: How UX Teams Can Cover Content Strategy, with Misty Weaver,” here are some additional content strategy links:

5 Things Thursday: DAM, Dublin Core, Comic Books

Here are this week’s five things:

  1. Is your DAM secure? Henrik de Gyor asks some tough questions…
  2. David Diamond with astute DAM observations.
  3. Jeff Lawrence on the balance between cloud and in-house DAM.
  4. Need to classify some 3-D objects like quilts? Use Dublin Core.
  5. Nice digital finding aid for the NYPL Rare Book Division Comic Book Collection.

5 Things Thursday: Nat Geo Archives, NYPL, ILS, Google Glass

Here are more than 5 things for your Thursday:

  1. Want to view a fascinating documentary on National Geographic archivist Bill Bonner? This seems like a dreamy job, white gloves and all…
  2. Metadata Matters asks us why are we waiting for the ILS to change?
  3. This seems hard to manage, but intriguing. North Carolina State University Libraries are now lending Google Glass.
  4. Do you have 164 minutes? Read this – Expect More: Demanding Better Libraries for Today’s Complex World by R. David Lankes.
  5. NYPL presents absurd vintage skating photos.