5 Things Thursday: Automated Image Description, DAM, W3C, Webinar, Netflix, Picturepark

Here are 5 more things and happy Thanksgiving U.S. readers!

  1. Why automated image description technology still needs people (like me).
  2. How Netflix collected the most comprehensive movie/media information known to man.
  3. Who is W3C and how do they rule the web?
  4. What are reasonable expectations for a digital asset management system? Hint: it won’t jump out of the computer and enforce copyright…
  5. Henry Stewart webinar December 3rd – Unlocking the Value of Enterprise Digital Assets.

5 Things Thursday: Solo Librarian, DAM, CEPIC, DMS

Here are five things to consider this week:

  1. What is it like to be a solo tech librarian in the middle of a cornfield?
  2. What is document management software (DMS) and why is it so hard to get users to use it?
  3. Is frictionless photo licensing a dream or can it be reality? What is CEPIC up to in this regard?
  4. Can you get a DAM demo meant for your audience? Check out this DAM Vendor directory to figure out where to start.
  5. For my fellow SJSU alums, check out this 23 Things educational series for students and alumni.