5 Things Thursday: Cool Libraries, Dublin Core, Bookbinding

Here are more than five things to keep you informed this week: My library, the Central location of The Seattle Public Library made it onto two lists recently - American Public Libraries Great and Small from The New Yorker and Stunning Libraries from Around the World from The Guardian. It really is spectacular. This Dublin… Continue reading 5 Things Thursday: Cool Libraries, Dublin Core, Bookbinding


5 Things Thursday: Digital Collections, Citing a Tweet, Future of Libraries

Taking a brief break from my ALA Mid-Winter reporting (don't fret - there is much more to come), here are five things: From the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation blog Impatient Optimists, an article on America's attitude towards libraries in the dig...

5 Things Thursday: Mod Librarian Reader Survey and More!

Here are five things to do and discuss: Please help me out by taking the extremely brief yet insightful Mod Librarian Reader Survey. What is an SMMI tool and do you need them for social media analytics? Check out Ray K. Metzger at the Museum of Co...