5 Things Thursday: DAM, UX, Snow in Vegas, Graph Databases for Humanities

Happy new year! Here are five things:

  1. Insights on DAM customer service from none other than John Horodyski.
  2. Are you moving assets in to a digital asset management system? Check out this great advice from Laurel Norris.
  3. UX trends for 2016 predicts that content strategy is the new information architecture.
  4. Interesting interview with Suellen Stringer-Hye, the Linked Data and Semantic Web Coordinator at Vanderbilt University libraries regarding Neo4j for digital humanities.
  5. From the UNLV archives, photos chronicle snow in Las Vegas.

5 Things Thursday: Autotagging, DAM, IA Summit

Here are five things:

  1. Two interesting articles on image content recognition and automated metadata generation. Summary: we are not there yet…people are still needed!
  2. Nice recap of the IA Summit.
  3. Cool archival processing videos from BYU special collections.
  4. DAM Guru Talk with Spencer Harris.
  5. Another great installment of Librarian Tips for DAM ManagersUser Adoption and Training by Margie Foster.

5 Things Thursday: DAM; Adjusting; Cataloging

Here are five things for this week:

  1. I found a great article about adjusting to a new library workplace by Joanne Oud. While this examines only academic librarians, I’d say the topics apply to any type of library including things like actual job differing from job description.
  2. Are catalogers sometimes like art history detectives? I think so…
  3. Five steps for company wide DAM adoption. Especially important are the “cheerleaders,” although I prefer to think of them as DAM evangelists…
  4. Two digital public libraries and collaborative metadata ingestion sounds dangerous, but this in depth article identifies kinks in the DPLA system.
  5. Cataloging the universe of visual materials XML extras for those not attending SAA (like me).

BONUS ROUND: Should women wear trousers? Special collections feature.

5 Things Thursday: Retrofitting Special Collections, DAM Books

Here are five more things:

  1. Cool local history collection from the city of South Perth and the Ransom Center’s First World War digital collection of posters – both powered by CONTENTdm.
  2. Summer reading list of DAM books thanks to Henrik de Gyor.
  3. Comprehensive summary of Retrofitting Special Collections #RBMS conference highlights.
  4. UCSan Diego’s Special Collections Technical Services policies. I need to look at a lot of these while figuring out how to approach our own strategies for the future.
  5. While you are awaiting slides from the BIBFRAME presentation at RBMS, check out Aislinn Sotelo on Context Collisions.

5 Things Thursday: DAM, Special Collections, Primary Sources

Five things straight from my iPhone. Forgive typos please!

1. Is digital asset management a perfect career path for librarians? I think so and INALJ agrees.

2. Are MLIS programs teaching students how to catalog a variety of formats and materials? Nope.

3. ALA presents comprehensive study on special collections.

4. Do projects requiring students to use primary sources drive them to libraries, special collections and archives?

5. What are librarians reading? I’m reading Euphoria by Lily King…

5 Things Thursday: Librarians, Seed Catalogs, Archival Resources

Here are five things to expand your library minds:

  1. Five things that people don’t realize librarians do. Because they just read books all day…
  2. Fabulous resource page from The National Archives in the UK. The section on Practical Guidance is particularly compelling.
  3. Lovely collection of seed catalogs in a digital archive from the USDA.
  4. Take this survey on Cross Perceptions of Public Services and Technical Services Librarians. I am confused about it because I perform both reference and cataloging functions…
  5. Truest thing – librarianship (and success) is all about relationships. Read this post about another thing not learned in grad school.