5 Things Thursday: More Than Five Things…

This was a big week for interesting tidbits, so here are a dozen things to discuss:

  1. Can libraries learn from Target’s marketing?
  2. Will the Sony eReader really be library friendly?
  3. Interested in some innovative enterprise DAM software from ADAM?
  4. Want to read about the restoration of some 1920’s Hitchcock films?
  5. Enjoy this infographic on the growth of social media.
  6. Check out this site devoted to copyright and art issues.
  7. SXSW meets archival records.
  8. Read about Stock Keeper for Mac – sounds like an easy and affordable DAM.
  9. Hack Library School defends online LIS education. Heck, I got a great online education!
  10. Update the Content Wrangler’s logo in a contest.
  11. Look at Jeffrey’s cool EXIF viewer.
  12. Read about Autonomy and IDOL OEM.

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