10 Things on the 10th December: Internet Archive, Ambiguous Metadata, Rock and Roll…

Here is a holiday edition of 10 Things for your perusal:

  1. I love these WPA posters at the Library of Congress.
  2. We could all use this news literacy toolkit for unearthing fake news.
  3. Harvesting government history in preparation for the new U.S. administration.
  4. Good times here in the U.S. – fears of Trump prompt Internet Archive to create mirror site in Canada.
  5. From the Getty – the curse of ambiguous metadata fields on The Iris.
  6. The Seattle Public Library’s Special Collections on Native American heritage.
  7. An introduction to metadata and taxonomy from Robert Godino.
  8. How about metadata in electronic records management from the National Archives?
  9. From Cooper Hewitt – two articles on mass digitization: workflows and barcodes and digital asset management.
  10. Finally, check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Library and Archives.

Have a happy season!

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